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Dr. Robert C. Siudmak of Total Women’s Healthcare, in Hollywood and Pembroke Pines, Florida has been providing VBAC for many years. Dr. Siudmak is the best doctor you can have at your side during your pregnancy due to his high quality care and vast experience.  Dr. Siudmak has helped women successfully achieve vaginal birth after C-sections (VBAC) over 1,500 times while keeping his primary C-section rate under 18 percent.


Can I have a vaginal birth after a previous C-section delivery?

Having a vaginal birth after a C-Section delivery depends on the clinical presentation of the patient and the expertise of the doctor delivering your baby. Each woman is different, which makes it difficult for Dr. Siudmak to provide a definitive answer. The good news is that if you experienced no complications during your C-section, a VBAC is highly possible.

If you experienced any complications, it will depend on how severe they were and whether or not Dr. Siudmak’s 40+ years of experience permits him to be comfortable with allowing you to safely deliver vaginally. If a VBAC is something you would like to consider set up an appointment with Dr. Siudmak to discuss your options. Together you can decide on the best plan of action for your individual circumstances.

What are the benefits of a VBAC?

Many women opt for a VBAC for the following reasons:

  • The experience of a natural birth
  • Preservation of the uterus for future pregnancies
  • Less pain and recovery time than a C-Section
  • Lower risk of infection

How do I know if I’m a good candidate for a VBAC?

There are several things the doctor will check to decide whether or not you would make a good candidate for a vaginal birth after a c-section, such as:

  • Previous c-section was a low-transverse uterine incision: Not a vertical incision at the top of the uterus
  • Size of your pelvis
  • History of uterine surgery or a uterine rupture
  • Age: Older women have less of a chance of a successful VBAC
  • Weight: Excess weight is more likely to cause problems with VBAC

Ultimately, this decision will come down to a consultation with Dr. Siudmak to discuss your medical history and chances of a successful VBAC delivery.

How can I ensure the success of a VBAC?

If you’ve decided to try a VBAC, there are no guarantees. It is the goal of Dr. Siudmak and his team to ensure you have a safe delivery. This may include a “trial of labor after cesarean,” or TOLAC, at the time of your delivery.

TOLAC means that you will go into labor with the intention of delivering vaginally. If complications arise, and you or the baby begin showing signs of distress a C-Section may be required.

Dr. Siudmak has extensive experience with successful VBACs and will monitor your childbirth closely, ultimately doing what’s best for you and your baby.

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