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OB/GYN Testimonials


Dr. Siudmak is a phenomenal OBGYN. He delivered my 2 boys (the first one was an emergency C-Section).

I was nervous frightened and scared that I had to deliver my baby right that second. Dr. Siudmak''s calm cool and caring manner took me through the birth process in such a loving manner. My son was born healthy and perfect thanks to Dr. Siudmak.

He is one true class act and I wouldn't have asked for a better doctor.

D.L. 9/2016 Aventura


My husband and I began trying to conceive right after we got married in 2011. After being unsuccessful for 2 years we decided to see a fertility specialist. I was diagnosed with a uterus didelphys (2 separate uterus and 2 separate cervix) along with a vaginal septum. The specialist believed the reason I was unable to conceive was due to the septum blocking both openings to my cervix. At that point he referred me to Dr. Siudmak to have the septum removed. After a successful surgery by Dr. Siudmak, about 6 months later I was pregnant. Unfortunately it ended in a miscarriage at about 10 weeks but after 2 years of trying, we were happy that we can actually get pregnant so we tried again right away. A few months later I was pregnant, and again I miscarried at about 12 weeks. At that point Dr. Siudmak decided to have me get an MRI and a CT scan to make sure that I did in fact have a uterus didelphys like the previous doctor said, just so we knew exactly what we were working with. Sure enough, Dr. Siudmak learned that I had only one uterus, divided into two by a uterine septum. He believed that the septum needed to be removed so the next pregnancy can grow successfully. Having 100% trust in him, I had the second surgery and began trying to conceive again right away. At about 11 weeks we came to find out I miscarried yet again. Dr. Siudmak recommended that I have a bunch of blood tests done to rule out any abnormality or blood disorder I may have that could be preventing me from carrying a successful pregnancy. Every single test was normal and or negative, which was bitter sweet. At this point I almost wished something would be wrong so I had something to blame the miscarriage on. Extremely discouraged and losing all hope, Dr. Siudmak told me to stay positive and pray. So that's exactly what we did. A few months later we were pregnant again with our 4th pregnancy. Even though I had a few complications in the first trimester (I developed a hemorrhage in my uterus that was causing me to bleed) I stayed positive and it heeled by the second trimester. On 7/10/16 I gave birth to my little miracle. After all of the struggle and heart ache, I can honestly say it was all worth it and I'm so glad we never gave up.

B.A. 9/2016 Hollywood


Dr. Siudmak has been my OBGYN for about 6 years, and I cannot stress how extremely happy I am that he is my doctor. He is definitely an angel in disguise. Dr. Siudmak was referred by a nurse at my previous doctor’s office because the wait there was always over 3 hours long. My first appointment with Dr. Siudmak was very satisfying, he is very knowledgeable in his field, very caring and warm… I call him my “teddy bear doctor”. The staff is exceptional and treat you like family. Dr. Siudmak delivered 2 of my children and it was an amazing time for me, he made the process like a walk in the park, I looked forward to all my visits. I talked about him to anyone that would listen. Because I did, he delivered my nephew, a niece, and one of my close friend’s daughter. I give Dr. Siudmak 100 stars and would recommend him to every women that needs a caring, intelligent OBGYN. I am blessed to have Dr. Siudmak as my doctor.

D.H. 7/2016 Weston


Before my procedure I was having pain during intercourse. Also, I was having urinary leakage problems as well. Also, I did not have feeling during sex. The procedure itself was painless!!! I have gone from 0-100!! no more leakage, no more pain, and much much feeling and pleasurable sex. I would recommend the MonaLisa Touch to any woman having any issues.

S.E. 3/2016Pembroke Pines, Florida (MonaLisa Touch)

So glad I found Dr. Siudmak and the Mona Lisa Touch. One of the best things I have ever done.

L.K. 3/2016; Hallandale, Florida (MonaLisa Touch)

I do not even have words to express my experience with Dr. Siudmak. He has been the best doctor anyone could ask for. He is warm, caring, attentive and so loving! he makes me feel like we are family and that is the greatest feeling ever. He delivered my twins boys vaginally which no one believes and he did it with such grace and support. I remember him telling my mom later how brave I was and the feeling I felt getting his opinion. My baby girl came 20 months later and again he was there with open arms. My labor experiences have been true bliss thanks to Dr. Siudmak. I love him like family.

S.A. 3/2016; Aventura, Florida

Dr. Siudmak has been my doctor for over 25 years. He is a kind and gentle doctor, on top of being intelligent and well versed in his field, and medicine in general. There are very few doctors who I would rate a 10/10, but he is one. I would recommend him to all women, including my daughter. As a matter of fact, I have.

B.H.W. 3/2016; Pembroke Pines, Florida


Dr. Siudmak delivered my first baby girl in August of 2015.  I could not be more grateful to him for his amazing care throughout my pregnancy and during my labor and delivery.  I was very worried I may end up needing a Cesarean at the 24th hour of labor, but Dr. Siudmak moved me from 3 cm. dilated to 10 as quickly as possible and I had a successful vaginal delivery!  I would never have anyone else deliver my children because Dr. Siudmak is truly the best! He loves what he does and takes care and pride in his work and it shows.  Thank you Dr. Siudmak, we love you and really appreciate all you did for us and Lydia.

C.B. 1/2016, Hollywood


Dr. Siudmak has delivered my 2 sons. My first pregnancy in 2009 was smooth as silk even though I was considered high risk. My visits to his office were great because he would take the time to help me understand any concerns about my pregnancy. Not to mention he answered my calls whenever I needed him 24/7. My second pregnancy in 2012 was more challenging and I was sick most of my pregnancy. Dr. Siudmak was again very forthcoming and ensured that my unborn baby and I were doing well at all times. My iron levels suddenly dropped towards the end of my pregnancy and this was caught immediately by Dr. Siudmak. Even though my son was a little underweight, he was healthy and simply perfect. I really liked the fact that Dr. Siudmak took care of all my postpartum needs and ensured I was healing accordingly with both pregnancies. I am grateful and thankful to him for making sure my babies were delivered safely.

-Lilian O 10/2015

As a patient of Dr. Siudmak for the past 3 years I have had nothing but positive experiences. As soon as you enter this office you are greeted by the helpful staff who will facilitate anything that you may need. Dr. Siudmak will be delivering my second child (c-section) at the end of the month. His professionalism and bedside manner is hands down the best. You will never leave his office wondering, any questions or concerns you may have will be answered immediately. Dr. Siudmak has proven to me he is extremely knowledgeable and I fully trust his choice of care.

-Lauren R 10/2015

A friend suggested I try Dr. Siudmak's practice after the birth of my first son. I was disgusted with the care I had received during my recent pregnancy and was looking for more than what I refer to as "drive through OBGYN". After the first appointment, my husband and I were surprised and yet happy when Dr. Siudmak sat down with us in his office to get to know us and discuss our visit. It was unusual and warm for a doctor to take the time to sit down to sit with his patients. A pleasant throwback to the personal care we received from our family pediatrician growing up. The staff at Dr. Siudmak's office were equally warm and more importantly efficient. Nurses responded to my inquiries promptly and provided thorough feedback. I went on to spend quite a bit of time at Dr. Siudmak's office as he delivered my subsequent six children. The high level of care remained a constant throughout.

-Elona S. 9/2015

I was truly blessed to find a doctor with not only a beautiful personality but a vast amount of knowledge in his field. I can not be thankful enough that his quick thinking helped me bring my beautiful baby boy into the world on July 17th, 2015. I thank him a million times.

-Holly M. 9/2015

Dr. Siudmak has been my OB/GYN for 4 years. He has been there for me though four fibroids removal surgeries and the birth of my baby girl. Dr. Siudmak is extremely patient, understanding, and kind. He always goes above and beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend Dr. Siudmak and I will go to him as long as he is practice.

-Jennifer S.M. 9/2015

Dr. Siudmak is the "best". Great bedside manner. He always made me and my husband feel comfortable. Also, he always answers all my questions and puts me at ease. Will recommend to family and friends.

-Etzel R. 9/2015

Our experience with Dr. Siudmak was positive from my initial pre-natal appointment through to the delivery of our son. Dr. Siudmak took time to meet with my husband and I at the end of each visit to answer all of our questions. He is an experienced and skilled physician, but equally important a warm and caring person. My husband had mentioned several times how calm D. Siudmak made him feel during the delivery of our son due to his composed, caring, and professional demeanor. Dr. Siudmak provides high quality obstetric and gynecological care and takes time to get to know his patients. We could not be happier with our experience working with Dr. Siudmak and Total Women's Healthcare.

-Kristine M. 9/2015

Dr. Robert C. Siudmak has all the qualities a patient looks for in a physician. He has been my doctor for over 35 years. He delivered our son in 1983. From the time we met he has been thorough and takes his time answering my questions often anticipating what I am going to ask. I have always been impressed with his superb level of professional communication. I feel this quality alone sets him apart from other physicians. His expertise makes me feel assured that I am always well taken care of when I visit his office. Dr. Siudmak is by far the most dedicated physician I have ever had. He is very skillful and knowledgeable in his field of medicine. What raises the bar for me regarding Dr. Siudmak is his unforgettable etiquette and his sincere humane character. He has a very passionate way of interacting with his patient's. I could not ask for a better physician than Dr. Robert C. Siudmak.

-Connie M. 8/2015

I came to Dr. Siudmak at 31 weeks expecting twins. I was so fed up with my previous doctor I had to make a change and I hated that it had to come so late. Dr. Siudmak was recommended as very favorable. He gave me the opportunity to make my own decision in wanting to have a vaginal delivery which he supported as long as the babies were head down. His bedside manner was awesome and he always took the time to review necessary information with myself and husband by welcoming us into his office for any Q&A. All this characteristics I was lacking from the previous practice. I felt like he was someone I could trust to deliver my babies, and boy did he deliver! My daughter was delivered successfully without issue, my little boy was a little more difficult because his umbilical cord came first. Dr. Siudmak was able to get my son out without having to go to an emergency C-section! A successful delivery and God am I blessed to have made the change even though everyone discouraged making the change so late. If you are not comfortable with your first doctor, go with your gut!

-Erika M. 8/2015

I want to thank Dr. Siudmak for giving birth to my baby girl. Thank you for making my C-section scar so small and so discrete. I had such a great experience, I will recommend you to every pregnant woman I know. I can't thank you enough for making all my fears disappear.

-Zarfa B. 8/2015

Although I was away from Dr. Siudmak's office for 6 years. When I came back, no one made me feel uncomfortable. I feel like the prodigal daughter being welcomed back. The service was prompt and efficient. The doctor was genteel and clinical all at the same time.

-Stacy M. 7/2015

You want to be comfortable with yourself when you go to the gynecologist. You want someone who explains thoroughly and is patient with your needs. You want a kind, intelligent and caring doctor who is genuinely concern with you. After 25 plus years, I can tell you to look no further than Dr. Robert Siudmak who fits these expectations and exceeds them. I am truly grateful to have him as my doctor.

-Kim S. 7/2015

Dr. Robert Siudmak is the best doctor ever. I originally heard about him form my sister who went on and on how he as well as his staff was amazing. I've had 2 of my children with him and both pregnancies were the best. He was very understanding to my needs and answered all my questions no matter how many I had. He was very understanding to the fact that I had a lot of children and a history of preterm labor. Whenever I did not feel well and was having cramps, he and his staff members fit me into his schedule wherever they needed to get me seen. I would without a doubt tell anyone and everyone about how great my pregnancy was with him. God blessed me with a great doctor and I could not have asked for more.

-Yanira C. 7/2015

My husband and I LOVE Dr. Siudmak!! He makes you feel very comfortable throughout your entire pregnancy. He is very patient and open minded. His office staff is very nice and accommodating, and you never have to wait too long to be seen. Had a wonderful hospital experience when I had my first baby and look forward to being under Dr. Siudmak's care for my second in a few years.

-Melissa F. 7/2015

I have been a patient of Dr. Siudmak for over 25 years. He delivered my second daughter, Angelie, 24 years ago. He's taken care of me for so long that I hope I never have to see another gynecologist again. Every year I see him for my annual exams, I get prompt response when I need a prescription, or if I have a question. Today my daughter will be planning on starting a family soon, she already knows D. Siudmak and will be her doctor. I recommend him for all your feminine needs.

-Maria P. 7/2015

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