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The old phrase “ageing gracefully” has a new meaning.  For years the topic of vaginal dryness and intercourse discomfort was not often discussed.  Ageing gracefully topics of discussion regarding women’s healthcare were often limited to hair, skin, bones and hormones.  There were OTC and prescription creams, pills and herbal supplements.  As a cancer patient, most of these were not for me.  The MonaLisa Touch was a life changer for me and can be for all kinds of women.  Especially for those of us whose life changing events took a more dramatic change.  A simple 3 step painless, minimally invasive laser treatment brought back my sexual confidence and desire.  Dr. Siudmak left no questions and/or concerns unanswered.

L.L.C. 1/2017  Davie


I received the MonaLisa Touch treatment from Dr. Siudmak and I would
like to say that there certainly are great benefits that I have
experienced since after receiving this treatment.

The benefits include:
1) The excruciating pain during sexual intercourse is almost gone.
2) We are able to use less lubricant during sexual intercourse due to
less dryness.
3) Increased self-esteem and confidence, increased sexual desire, and
decreased fears of pain.
4) More feelings of sexual pleasure, which was almost nonexistent
before the procedure.

I highly recommend using Dr. Siudmak for this procedure. He was very
attentive, professional, and made me feel very comfortable.

I.P. 10/2016,  Hollywood, Florida


My name is Nancy, I am 60 years old, I am married and my husband is 6 years younger than me.  I have been married for 30 years, had an exciting sex life until 2 years ago when I started feeling pain at penetration, I tried all types of lubricants to no avail.  Always kept looking for that special lubricant and started to avoid having sex due to pain, hormones was never an option, too many risks to your health.  Having a younger man, I could not avoid sex forever.  I started looking for options and found an article on the MonaLisa touch, sounded like the solution to my problem, but a new procedure to this country, not well known, then finding a doctor who knew what he was doing.  I found doctor Siudmak, the answer to my prayers.  He explained the procedure step by step and answered all my questions and concerns.  Doctor Siudmak is a very caring and detailed doctor.  Very happy I chose him.  The procedure takes 5 minutes each and is a total of 3, not expensive and totally worth it, I was having painless sex after the second treatment.  I recommend the MonaLisa touch and doctor Siudmak to every woman who after menopause has difficulty with intercourse.

N.G 9/2016,  Hallandale, South Florida


I had the Mona Lisa procedure done three times to help with dryness and a ripping feeling. I am 60 years old and after three procedures I have absolutely no problems anymore. Be careful to tell Dr. Siudmak the honest truth about how you feel. I actually got better, then worse with the ripping feeling after the second procedure. However, Dr. Siudmak knew exactly what my problem was and it had nothing to do with the Mona Lisa procedure. He did a biopsy and I had an entirely different problem which he has taken care of and I am happy so say I have no dryness or pain anymore. Oh, the treatments do not hurt at all! Give it the entire 3 treatments and 1 more week to work.

J.C. 6/16,  Pembroke Pines, Florida


Dr. Robert C. Siudmak is the best gynecologist I have ever had.

His knowledge is extensive and from what I have seen in the last 20+ years that I have been seeing him, he continues to study and explore the many facets of his profession.

The newest is Mona Lisa Touch—this procedure is one example. Mona Lisa is simple and easy procedure done in the privacy of Dr. Siudmak’s office, with very little discomfort. Personally, I wanted to stop running to the rest room every 10 minutes, when I was out of my house, secondary I wanted to get my natural lubricant back. I have done my three sessions and feel its working.

I find Dr. Siudmak kind, considerate, and extremely helpful in explaining any and all issues you may have. If we are doing a star system here, he is given the highest of % stars.

To Dr. Siudmak, the best there is!

Your ever grateful patient,

S.J. 6/2016, Hollywood, Florida


I was diagnosed with Vaginal Atrophy experiencing symptoms such as vaginal burning, dryness and bladder issues. Dr. Siudmak recommended the MonaLisa Touch procedure. After the first treatment I felt immediate relief of my symptoms. I would recommend this procedure to any woman experiencing the symptoms of menopause. The procedure was quick and painless.

A.C. 6/2016, Weston, Florida


Before going through the Mona Lisa procedure I had stopped having intercourse completely. Lubricants did not work and intercourse was extremely painful. After the procedure, I am able to have intercourse again with no pain and no need to use any lubricants. I am thoroughly satisfied with the treatment effects and would wholeheartedly recommend it!

M.B. 05/2016, Aventura, Florida


Before my procedure I was having pain during intercourse. Also, I was having urinary leakage problems as well. Also, I did not have feeling during sex. The procedure itself was painless!!! I have gone from 0-100!! no more leakage, no more pain, and much more feeling and pleasurable sex. I would recommend the MonaLisa Touch to any woman having any issues.

S.E. 03/2016; Pembroke Pines, Florida


So glad I found Dr. Siudmak and the Mona Lisa Touch. One of the best things I have ever done.

L.K. 03/2016; Hallandale, Florida


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